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Forget it.

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The Quidditch Shirt

Beaters and Keepers and Chasers and Seekers! Show your team pride with this spectacular shirt, a tribute to the greatest sport in the world! All shirts are printed on American Apparel blanks.

For a limited time, Wicked Clothes is having a HUGE Back-to-School Sale! EVERYTHING in the shop is on sale! On top of that, use coupon code ‘SCHOOL’ for an EXTRA 20% off your ENTIRE order! Hurry and order now before the sale ends!

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The Color Run Visits Australia

The colorific 5K that is nation-wide known in the States is coming to visit Australia! If you’re looking for a reason to start a health lifestyle with a 5K jog, this is the perfect event! Not only will you be healthy, you will have lots of fun too! Guaranteed!

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“I do not associate with people that blame the world for their problems. Cause you’re your problem. And you’re also your solution.”

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By yama-bato

“Take only one step at a time! ” 2

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Lancia Aurelia B24 (1954-1958)

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Robot surfboard tracks great white sharks off the coast of California

What does this mean, apart from awesome? It means you can get a free iPhone app to follow these (up to 6m+) babies around. 

Sharks in your pocket.

Way better than Polly Pocket.  

Read more. 

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In 1938, Birmingham, England built three large dinosaur costumes.  For some reason.

(See also: Dinosoaur Crossing, BatDino)

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